John Jay Robotics Team

Jaybots - FTC Robotics Team #16700

Who are we?

We are the Jaybots - This is our fifth year competing in FTC. After making it to the regional competition four years in a row, we are aiming to make it even further next year . Join us on our journey!

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Join the team

Unleash your potential and join the Jaybots for an exhilarating journey of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, where creativity thrives, skills sharpen, and lifelong friendships flourish amidst the exciting realm of technology and robotics.

  • Thrive in Competition
  • Develop Cutting-edge Skills
  • Foster Lifelong Friendships
  • Unlock Future Opportunities
  • Embrace Team Collaboration
  • Experience Unforgettable Fun!


A visual tapestry that showcases the remarkable moments of triumph, camaraderie, and innovation captured through captivating photos, immortalizing the unwavering dedication, creativity, and teamwork that defines our exceptional robotics team.

Silvia at our first inperson meeting.
Dictator Darren
Cleaning up after the Freshman Orientation.
Unicorn Darren
Silvia researching how to be productive.
Meditation; essential to our strategy.
Utter is ready to take on Freight Frenzy
Feight Frenzy - Inspire Award 1st Place!
Bowling during Robot in 3 Days.
Protecting the bot from exploding.
Scenic shot of the bot.
Highest Scoring Robot!
Arnav and Darren enjoying dinner.
"The King Without A Crown" is born
Jaybots Regionals 2022
Lego REPLAY Donation
Doing chem homework late at night.
Anish and Silvia working.
Anish and Arnav experimenting with LEDs.
Matt and Mr. A ordering parts.
Anish & Silvia building the field.
Arnav fanboying over the bot <3
Matt working on the chassis.
Matt assembling the 3d printed brackets.
Anaya making prongs for the gripper.
Mili organizing the tool chest.
Paul cutting extrusions.
Bluebirds Freight Frenzy CAD Model
Anaya cutting a screw for the launcher.
Arnav working on the arm for the gripper.
Ashish working on an idea for the launcher.
An autonomous car being built for DTC.
Anish taking inventory.
Arnav and Ashish prototyping a launcher.
Jaybots Freight Frenzy CAD Model
Original wheel based intake prototype.
Silvia working on the intake.
Arnav wiring the bot.
Carousel testing during Robot in 3 Days.
Silvia building a lazy suzan prototype.
Anish, Ashish & Mili talking about code.
Mermaid Robert
Robert working on setting up Vuforia.
Ashish trying to fix Anish's code.
Planning out some auto code.
Robert (online) working on the code.
Anish coding with Robert (online).
Collecting bags for a clothing drive.
Teaching students about Spike Primes.
Cleaning up after an Outreach Event.
Mili discussing outreach events with Mr. A.
Silvia creating a google form for judging.
Ashish mentoring some Bluebirds.
Ashish and Mili planning outreach events.
Helping the Griffin Robotics team.
Robot in 3 days presentation to Bluebirds.
Arnav listening in to an outreach event
Presenting our bot to chemistry classes
Judge's Choice Award at Regionals.
More testing before competition.
Judging presentation at the Peekskill qualifier.
Group photo before our Judging Interview.
Planning with our alliance partners.
Scouting in front of our booth at Regionals.
Testing on the Practice Field.
Anish & Robert coding competition day.

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